Oil Change Service in Lincoln, KS

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Time For an Oil Change?

We’ll keep your engine running smoothly and protect your vehicle’s overall performance. Keever Auto & Ag in Lincoln, KS understands the importance of an appropriate oil change schedule. Keeping your engine clean and clear of dirt, grime, and other contaminants is how we extend your vehicle’s road-life. With a light or medium-duty farming truck you’ll need to do a lot of loading, pushing and pulling. The quality of your oil’s viscosity will determine how hard your engine will be forced to work. Overworking leads to overheating, which can lead to early breakdown. Oil changes may seem like an interruption to your busy day, but it’s very necessary to perform them on a consistent basis. When you delay your vehicle’s oil change service, you are compromising your engine’s overall efficiency. Cars, trucks, and SUVs that are used for farming purposes will require different oil change intervals than vehicles for normal road travel. Whether you’re a farmer, driver, or fleet owner you’ll need oil changes performed on an appropriate schedule. Allow the expert technicians at Keever Auto to provide our clean and consistent oil changes. We’ll enhance your engine’s health and performance, improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, and extend its road-life.

Improve Fuel Efficiency–Timely Oil Change Intervals

Engines that are working harder because of poor engine lubrication will ultimately have a lower fuel efficiency. Save yourself some money at the tank by getting the most out of every fill-up. The key is to maximize your engine’s potential with our quality oil changes. Your engine’s metal parts should never be colliding or creating friction because this leads to a breakdown. Your vehicle needs timely oil change services that will enhance its performance. Oil changes are not just to prevent total engine breakdowns, although that is a good reason. You will get the most from your engine’s performance by not missing any more oil change appointments. Our team will put your vehicle, and keep your vehicle, on an appropriate oil change schedule.

Schedule Your Oil Change Today!

Come to our repair facility for proper care for your vehicles. We’ll have you in and out in no time, and onto your next appointment. We understand how valuable your time and money is, so we won’t waste either while providing exceptional oil change services. Give us a call today at 785-524-5135 to schedule your next oil change appointment. To schedule your appointment right now while you’re online, use our convenient online scheduling system. We look forward to serving you! The next time you’re in the area, feel free to stop by. We gladly accept walk-ins!